Life is full of difficulty. Loved ones leave us for other worlds, hearts are broken, and there is never enough ( ). I offer my umbrella to you to stand under until the day the rain passes by and we’re left with sunny skies.

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Upcoming Shows

6/22 | Books 'n' Brews Broadripple

Location: Books 'n' Brews, Broadripple, Indiana map

Time: 10:00a

6/23 | Jeff Kelly House Show

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana map

Time: 6:00p

7/14 | Southport Arts Festival

Location: Wrigleyville, Chicago, Illinois map

Time: 10:00a

7/17 | Red Table Lunch

Location: Studebaker Plaza, South Bend, Indiana map

Time: 11:45a

7/19 | Anna p.s. - Live at Hooples

Location: Hooples, Bremen, Indiana map

Time: 7:00p

7/20 | Art House w/ GoProv

Location: Art House, Goshen, Indiana map

Time: 7:00p

7/21 | Live at the new Chicory location

Location: Chicory Cafe, Mishawaka, Indiana map

Time: 12:00p

7/26 | Anna p.s. / Wesley - Live at Taffy's

Location: Taffy's of Eaton, Eaton, Ohio map

Time: 8:00p

7/27 | Dinner tunes at the Inn

Location: Inn at Versailles, Versailles, Ohio map

Time: 6:00p

7/28 | Gathering at Garst

Location: Greenville, Ohio map

Time: 12:00p

8/01 | Live at The Meck

Location: The Mecklenburg Inn, Shepherdstown, West Virginia map

Time: 9:00p

8/02 | Live at Stone Town

Location: Stone Town Cafe and Gallery, Huntingdon, PA map

Time: 6:00p

8/03 | Live at J & P Winery Gettysburg

Location: J & P Winery, Gettysburg, PA map

Time: 6:00p

8/07 | Zoetropolis Courtyard Music

Location: Zoetropolis, Lancaster, PA map

Time: 7:00p

8/08 | Thursday Tunes at Spring Gate

Location: Spring Gate Vineyard, Harrisburg, PA map

Time: 6:30p

8/09 | Summer music at Abolitionist Ale House

Location: Abolitionist Ale House, Charlestown, WV map

Time: 8:00p

8/10 | Live at the Purple Fiddle

Location: The Purple Fiddle, Thomas, West Virginia map

Time: 3:00p

8/11 | Live at the Purple Fiddle #2

Location: The Purple Fiddle, Thomas, West Virginia map

Time: 3:00p

8/17 | Live at Fireside

Location: Fireside Inn, Greencastle, PA map

Time: 8:00p

8/24 | Kaw Valley Public House

Location: Kaw Valley Public House, Lawrence, Kansas map

Time: 8:30p

8/25 | Tumbleweed Music Festival

Location: Garden City, Kansas map

Time: 12:00p

8/29 | Live in Manhattan

Location: Tallgrass Tap House, Manhattan, Kansas map

Time: 8:00p

8/30 | Final Friday at Boothill Distillery

Location: Boothill Distillery, Dodge City, Kansas map

Time: 8:00p

8/31 | Live music featuring Anna p.s.

Location: Flat Mountain Brewhouse, Garden City, Kansas map

Time: 7:00p

9/06 | Tractor Brewing Company - Nob Hill

Location: Tractor Brewing Company, Albuquerque, NM map

Time: 7:00p

9/11 | Anna p.s. / Laura Joy

Location: Monterry Cafe, Tuscon, AZ map

Time: 6:00p

9/28 | Private house concert festival

Location: Ward, Colorado map

Time: 6:00p

10/04 | Friday tunes at the Voo

Location: The Voo, Salina, Kansas map

Time: 8:00p

10/10 | Thursday tunes in Goshen

Location: Elephant Bar, Goshen, IN map

Time: 9:00p

10/11 | Live music featuring Anna p.s.

Location: Iron Shoe Distillery, Niles, Michigan map

Time: 9:00p

10/12 | Yellow Springs Street Fair

Location: Yellow Springs, Ohio map

Time: 9:00a

10/17 | Urban Artifact Tunes

Location: Urban Artifact, Cincinnati, Ohio map

Time: 9:00p

10/19 | Dinner tunes at The Cordial Cork

Location: The Cordial Cork, Richmond, Indiana map

Time: 6:00p

10/25 | Live at The Hall

Location: The Hall, Valley Junction, Iowa map

Time: 8:00p

10/30 | Live at Crescent Moon

Location: Crescent Moon Coffee, Lincoln, NE map

Time: 9:00p

11/22 | Live music featuring Anna p.s.

Location: Iron Shoe Distillery, Niles, Michigan map

Time: 9:00p

12/28 | Gearhouse Brewing

Location: Gearhouse Brewing Company, Chambersburg, PA map

Time: 8:00p

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Past Shows

6/15 | Arts on the Millrace - Goshen

Location: Arts on the Millrace, Goshen, Indiana map

Time: 12:30p

6/15 | Coffee on the Piazza

Location: Ruthmere Museum, Elkhart, Indiana map

Time: 10:30a

6/14 | Opening for Genna and Jesse

Location: Lang Lab, South Bend, Indiana map

Time: 7:00p

6/09 | Heather Styka / Sandra Effert / Anna p.s.

Location: Tip Top, Grand Rapids, Michigan map

Time: 7:00p

6/08 | Music at the Distant Whistle Brew House

Location: The Distant Whistle, Vicksburg, Michigan map

Time: 7:00p

6/08 | Waterford Peacefest

Location: LA Cafe, Wateford, Michigan map

Time: 12:00p

6/07 | Songwriters in the Round - Anna p.s. / Dacia Briggs / Carrie MacFerrin

Location: Webster's Prime, Kalamazoo, Michigan map

Time: 7:00p

6/05 | Live in Ann Arbor

Location: The Grotto, Ann Arbor, Michigan map

Time: 6:00p

6/04 | Live at Rubbles Bar

Location: Rubbles Bar, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan map

Time: 9:00p

6/01 | Art Bar River West

Location: Art Bar River West map

Time: 9:00p

5/31 | Pizza, Wine & Tunes

Location: Vines and Rushes, Ripon, Wisconsin map

Time: 5:30p

5/29 | SoFar Sounds Chicago - Secret House Show

Location: Chicago, Illinois map

Time: 5:00p

5/26 | Sunday Sessions

Location: The Daily Refresher, Rochester, New York map

Time: 5:00p

5/18 | Ladie's Day Out

Location: Stoney Creek Winery, Millersburg, IN map

Time: 4:00p

5/17 | Live at HopLore Brewing

Location: HopLore Brewing, Leesburg, Indiana map

Time: 7:30p